Ministry Team

The Benefice was created in May 2010, bringing together the parish of Christ Church, Bradford-on-Avon with the united benefice of St. James (South Wraxall), St Nicholas (Winsley) and St Peter's (Monkton Farleigh).

The Rector
The Rector is an ordained Church of England priest who is employed to work full-time in the Benefice. The Rector is supported by a ministry team comprising retired and voluntary assistant priests, Readers, Locally Licensed Ministers and Lay Pastoral Assistants, each of whom works either across the benefice or in specific parishes. In addition, each parish has elected churchwardens and a Parochial Church Council (PCC).

 Rev. Ann Keating

Once ordinands have finished Part 1 of their Initial Ministerial Education they are licensed as lay workers until they are ordained deacon at Michaelmas. Once ordained as deacons, they are relicensed as Assistant Curates for Part 2 of their Initial Ministerial Education, typically another four years. Those who are called to the priesthood will also be ordained priest the following Petertide.

Having completed Part 2 of their Initial Ministerial Education, all ordained ministers are relicensed to a new ministry. In the case of those who will continue to serve in the same context, they are relicensed at this point as Associate Ministers. They exercise a supporting role within a ministry team.

There is currently no curate in this benefice.

Voluntary Assistant Priests
Ordained Church of England priests who are not employed by the church but are either employed in other jobs and occupations or are retired. Their ministry may be primarily in a parish setting, a workplace or as chaplains to hospitals, the armed forces, police forces, prisons, schools and universities. Over the years they have been referred to as non-stipendiary ministers, self-supporting ministers and currently as associate ministers.

Rev. Paul Batson ~ Rev. Barry Chapman ~ Rev. Keith Charnley ~ Rev. Bernard Hughes

Locally Licensed Ministers (LLM / Licensed Lay Ministers / Lay Readers)
Members of the congregation who feel called to preach or lead services but not to full-time ministry. The following have undergone training and been authorised by the Bishop of Salisbury to work in this benefice or to one of the parishes. Their role includes conducting services such as Morning Worship, Matins, Evensong and Compline, distributing (but not celebrating) at Holy Communion and reading banns of marriage. They may also undertake preaching and pastoral duties.

Rachel Pound

Lay Pastoral Assistants (LPAs)
Members of the congregation who feel called to offer pastoral care in their parish. The following have undergone training and been authorised by the Bishop of Salisbury to work in their own parish. Each person's ministry will vary according to their gifts and skills and the local situation. In all cases the ministry calls for a loving and compassionate heart, and a willingness to listen and support those in need.

Christ Church: Denise Leigh ~ Stephen Pike ~~ Elaine Crabbe ~~ Michele Riley

St James (SW): Jean Atkin ~~ Gillian Fairhurst

St. Nicholas (W): Daphne Cox ~ Elizabeth Bush ~~ Roy Ludlow

St Peter's (MF): Denise Davies